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By MaleficMushroom
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(This is a Pitch Perfect 1 fanfiction) "I have somewhere to be, Jesse. Aubrey is gonna kill me because of you." Claire glared at him, but she wasn't truly upset. "Just one duet with me, please. Right now, real quick, you'll love it!" He pleaded, clapping his hands together and lowering himself to his knees. Claire looked out among the students running about the college campus before closing her eyes and heaving out a heavy sigh. "Fine, but not loud, or Aubrey is going to throw a fit that I'm with a Treble." She told him as she pressed a stern finger against his chest. His eyes lit up as a grin made it's way to his face, and he hopped up as he took her hands in his own. "Come on, follow me." He smiled before he pulled her forward, making her giggle.

College [1]

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| When Wo...
by MaleficMushroom