The Nerd who cried...
By geekisntweak_
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"While I was gone; you've been telling everyone that we're boyfriend and girlfriend?" Marcus asked, who looked extremely smug. I groaned and my eyes finally met his. "Manifestly, since I lied telling everybody that we're dating, my high school life has been awesome. No one bullies me anymore, everyone wants to be my friend and I finally can hang out with friends on weekends. Marcus, please just help me with this. It's my last year and I would like to have at least a nice memory of high school." Marcus quirked his eyebrow. I sighed knowing what he meant," And in return, I'll help you with your school work." Marcus grinned and before I could ask why, he leaned in and placed his lips on mine. I froze, startled. His lips felt warm and soft against mine. I was still frozen but then Marcus held my waist snapping me back to reality. I finally responded to the kiss by tugging him closer and wrapping my arms around his neck. I heard gasps and whispers from students around us and capturing of pictures. What have I gotten myself into? ___ Alyssa Heart, a seventeen year nerd who is brutally bullied by everyone in Lockwood High. Marcus Sawyer, is the hot eighteen year old bad boy, former gangleader who is very popular in Lockwood High and around. He has been arrested a few times and dated almost every girl he laid eyes on. Bullied all her life, Alyssa decides to put a stop to it by lying and saying that she and the bad boy, Marcus, are dating. When Marcus finds out, they make a deal and both decide to stick to the lie, which benefits them both. Getting popular by the minute, Alyssa's highschool life is what she had always wanted. Popular and wanted. But Alyssa learns that dating a protective, attractive, former gangleader comes trouble. And she must face the consequences. (Rewritten and reposted) © geekisntweak_


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The Nerd...
by geekisntweak_