Six Fates
By RoseSweetQueen
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Rainey felt the steel blade pierce into her heart. The sword forced out large streams of thick blood. She gaped in horror at the blood that left her body like a waterfall. Aife's beautiful face and pensive eyes stared back at him, when she died at his feet. Her hands clutched his feet and her hair was wildly attached to the ground like the roots of a plant. Mirai's hands shook when she took the crown out of her hair. Each of her hair strands turned grey, when the crown slid through it. Venges and Anger lead to many consequences. The deaths of these three girls are an example. Alcinder, Asher and Azrail are the three boys who stained their hands with innocent blood. The crown in their story that was once decorated by an array of stones and praised for its power, was locked away for its worthlessness. It never glowed even once, but after two thousand years , a flicker of light came out. The six masters had returned, but the story would change.

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Six Fates
by RoseSweetQueen