Dance War
By _shana_unknown_
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"The winner of 2012 Dance War is...!" ~~~ Anna is a well talented and smart dancer. She doesn't have the perfect life but she's still living and she's not anymore grateful for that. She have a great dance crew, fantastic boyfriend and loyal friends. However all of this vanish before she even got the chance to say the word. 'Dance' The day she saw Randy is the day her life changed forever. How? Why? Why not a crazy trip through Dance War with both Anna and Randy to find out their dramatic life story! PREVIEW!! You spent the night with him didn't you?" He spat out. I don't like lieing to him but if I tell the truth I don't think I might live to see my face again. I blame myself for this mess, if I didn't went to the stomp yard this wouldn't have happen. How am I going to tell him I spent the night with Randy but nothing happen? Who will believe that their girlfriend went with a man whole night and didn't do anything? Definitely not Joshua. He pull unto my hair again and came closer to my ear "I'm not going to beat the crap out of you because if you didn't left I wouldn't have get the time of life last night. But if you dare sneak off to meet him again you'll regret it" with that he push my head down unto the tiles and left me there" INTRESTED? WELL GIVE MY BOOK A CHANCE!! YOU WOULD NOT REGRET IT 😊 NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT 👉👈


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Dance War
by _shana_unknown_