Train - A Novel
By jamiesonwolf
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ABOUT TRAIN - Welcome to the Beginning... Underground, amidst tunnels and darkness, the ZV begins. It was what they had always feared would come, even if they never found out where it came from. Find out how the ZV, later given the term of Apocalypse for its suffix, or ZA, when it's size and scope was realized. On the train, below the streets of New York, there are ten cars riding that day on the Broadway Express line. Inside those cars are people. Find out how the Virus started as we travel through ten cars filled to the brim. I mean, it had to begin somewhere, right? There's a lot of people on a Train... How did Zed's become what they were, how did the ZA begin, and who survived the beginning? These are the people in the moments of the start of what made our world what it is today. Told in short, one sitting reads that you can enjoy on your way to work or during a break in the day, Train is a serial novel that captures people, travelling in time, caught in a moment. Told in a serial format, Train will be a novel that focuses on the people and what they did to overcome the creation of a new world. A world in which none of us are safe and all we can do is survive day to day. Welcome to the world before the ZA, before the Zed's. Welcome to the beginning...

First, a word...

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Train - A...
by jamiesonwolf