Drama Queen {Jelsa}...
By SnowQxeen
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Elsa Arendelle and Jackson Overland Frost. Their friends, Hiccup Haddock, Merida Dunbroch, and Rapunzel Corona, say that they were the cutest couple in their high school, Ever After High. They were. All of them graduated, but one person had to leave. That person was Elsa. Elsa was accepted into university, and she couldn't not attend it. But accepting meant she moves away from her family, her friends, and her childhood. And the most special thing to her, Jack. But she had to take it. So she moved to California to attend her university. Will a twist of fate, have her falling in love all over again? Can the old trouble maker and drama queen still be the same? Or will someone have to interfere again? _____ Once again, most characters belong to either DreamWorks or disney :) This is the SECOND book of the FIRST book which is Trouble Maker {Jelsa} . Go read it first before you read this so you'll understand this book. (*^-^*) ~Add to library please?~ ~thank you!~


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Drama Que...
by SnowQxeen