The Butterfly Effect
By AdriannaRaines3172
  • Mystery / Thriller
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FEATURED ON THE OFFICIAL @Romance, @WattRevenge PROFILE. ****** "Do you know what the Butterfly Effect is?" "No." "It states that every small change in the initial condition might have a significantly different outcome, often fatal, and that's exactly what's gonna happen from now on. You have gotten yourself entangled in a deadly web of secrets and lies that you should never have in the first place, and every decision comes with a price. From now on, every choice you make will have a fatal consequence, for you and your friends. Let the game begin..." ****** The Beacon Heights High School is a safe haven for the students of the elite class, as it was to April Park, the girl next door from South Korea. The school behind these gates protects them from indulging in their darkest impulses, but once a secret is spilled, it travels through the corridors like wildfire. No one knows what happened that night at the bonfire in the woods behind the school, as the students drank and laughed, enjoying the last night of their lives before senior year, but most importantly, no one had ever anticipated that a single question which would arise the next day could change their lives forever... "Who killed Allison Hawthorne?" ****** An excellent read for Pretty Little Liars and √Člite fans. Warning: Contains sexual content, violence, gore and strong language. Started on: June 12, 2020 Updates at least once in a week.

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The Butte...
by AdriannaRaines3172