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By AnimeLogic915
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Chapter 11 was just coming to a close while Zizzy and Pony were taking out all the soldiers. One curious Soldier recognizes Torcher's absence and sets out to look for him. After heading up to the catwalk, the sight before him leaves Soldier stunned. There Torcher was, thrown across the ground and into a bench. Wood splinters were all tearing at his uniform while he lay there, unconscious. Soldier started to panic, not sure of what to do with the lifeless being in front him. The night became briefly silent before the sound of people running grew closer and closer. They were coming this way! Carefully and gently, Soldier picked him up and ran down the stairs and all the way out the exit. None of this was making sense! What happened to him? What happened to everybody else? Scared, confused, and all alone, the two set out to get to bottom of this, and more importantly, realize their feelings for each other.

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Roblox: P...
by AnimeLogic915