Promesse Au Clair d...
By moonlightecrivains
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Promesse Au Clair de Lune literally means "Moonlight Promise". In this a ShinKai (Kudo Shinichi x Kuroba Kaito) AU, where Kudo Shinichi is known as a famous private detective of Strasbroug, France named Jimmy Kudo and Kuroba Kaito is known as a beautiful floweriest named Rosalia Kuroba, who aspires to follow her father's footstep on being a magician. Jimmy Kudo was a really influential man during the 1800s, not only because his family is one of the wealthiest and influential family in France but also because of his outstanding skills n solving different crimes. He almost lived his life rotating on solving different crimes, but not until he met a woman that have changed his life. A floweriest named Rosalia Kuroba who came from a family of magician. He has always been challenged by how amazing her tricks are, on how elegant she moves every time she performs. Ever since they first met, a lot of things about the detective change, he thought that he only admire the magician, but as time pass by, he realised that it wasn't a simple admiration anymore.


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by moonlightecrivains