The Flowers of Deli...
By darcydae
  • Paranormal
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  • youngadult


In a land of monsters, even some supernatural beings are too evil. A small city lays hidden away in a corner of an untouched forest. A place once filled with hope to join together battling monster communities is now a failed project site, with nothing but dark supernatural minds living on its grounds and ones who do not take likely to new visitors. Especially, to those of a particular kind. After seventeen-year-old Daimhin De-Dallarzan causes an uproar in her hometown after a supernatural game goes wrong and a mass of injury is caused. She is forced to leave her old life behind and go to this secluded land known as Hail Point, till some time has passed over. Intending for her to get on with her life through a new high school and therapy in a land supposedly catered for people like her. Monsters. However, Daimhin hates every minute of being in this guarded world filled with these creatures that hold pasts even darker than her own. And when she discovers a truth that is detached from her actual crime she thought was her reasoning for being brought to this town, it is far from what she ever knew of her life and that Daimhin is being watched over by a demon lord for a reason. Love, new truths and wild creatures await Daimhin on her new journey in Hail Point.


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The Flowe...
by darcydae