A Final Request Bef...
By iliannabinoche
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KYLIN: Why I didn't just say no to the whole sorted thing in the first place literally drives me insane the more I think about it. I'm no savior. I can barely fix my own problems. And here I am like a fool trying to save someone else's soul. The more I think about it... I'm convinced I agreed to something I never should have. ***** RUTHANNE: "I know... this is asking too much..." Struggling to breathe, the frail woman lay in her bed with the knowledge of her impending death. A beauty no one would easily forget was reduced to the skeletal remnants of a body ravished by an ailment capable of rendering her to be nothing more than the paper-thin translucent skin egregiously wrapped around porcelain brittle bones. Freighted by the inevitable, the patient made her request. She knew it was wrong to expect a stranger to make such an unimaginable sacrifice, but her seconds were few. Her time was so severely limited that she no longer cared to be concerned with what was considered wrong in the eyes of others. With no time to waste, she pleaded with the young woman to help her just one last time. "Please..." Her chest rattled as her fluid-filled lungs struggled for much-needed oxygen. "I need you to make me a promise... please." Mrs. Yates's entire body shook with the effort required to speak. She was about to give her most treasured possession to someone she was compelled to believe would respect her wishes and never let her down. ***** RHYS: Minister Yates anchored his eyes on the pale white skin stretched over his knuckles. He grasped his hands as if letting them go would prevent the miracle he prayed would instantly take place. The last eight months flashed through his mind as if they were scenes in a heart-wrenching movie he desperately wished to turn off and run as far away from as his legs would possibly take him. Unfortunately for him, this wasn't a movie or a terrifying nightmare...


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A Final R...
by iliannabinoche