if we survive
By -eightiesflick
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The world as we know it has become infested with bloodthirsty corpses. The infestation started off as a single case, then as time went on more and more people were coming back from the dead. It was a miracle, until they started killing everyone and everything with a heartbeat. The world went into total chaos. Ashton Fitzgerald and his family had to fend for themselves until a cure was found for the infected. Two years after the outbreak and the infection only grew, this was the world now and all they had to do was survive. Ashton's parents didn't get that memo. Nathalia Colman was separated from her family the day of the outbreak and had been on her own ever since. She never came in contact with another human being until she stumbled upon a boy... Nathalia and Ashton team up to survive. ⚠️contains sensitive content, be warned⚠️

c h a r a c t e r s

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if we sur...
by -eightiesflick