My Next Life as a B...
By SleepyWolves
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!!HITAUS!! In a Otome Game called Fortune Lovers, remains among 1 heronie and 4 male leads. The 4 male leads rushing their hearts out for her, until the butler and evil villainess step in. The villainess evil and wicked using her own wealth and her butler to stop the heroine. Only then would doom befall on the villainess and a happy ending was made with the heroine with either male leads. But what if we changed this story up a bit? I mean, why have a butler when she could do it all by herself? Well ladies and gents, this all comes a time when every manwha appears to reincarnate. Yet in this case, two lost souls reincarnate in the same now. Now the body of the butler must help the body of the villainess live until all her doom flags disappear!! SleepyWolves: I DO NOT OWN THE ANIME, MANGA, MUSIC INVOLVED WITH THIS STORY. I ALSO DO NOT OWN THE ART USED ONLINE NOR THE CHARACTERS INVOLVED IN THE ANIME/MANGA. I ONLY OWN THE OCS I CREATE AND THE DRAWINGS DRAWN BY ME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND ENJOY :)

Sleepy Note

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My Next L...
by SleepyWolves