Death is a Troll Sn...
By Mother0fMischief
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as the Tin says, I am having trouble picking a story to write next and need some help. Pairings will vary and Death will sometimes be his charming self or some other gender or nongender! IMPORTANT!!! I will be trying to arrange theses according to pairing. Also I am typing on my phone which does not lend me the best options to spell correctly. My dyslexia acts up more here than on my computer so please forgive the horrible grammar! Also based off of votes or even fans asking for a specific pairing I will work on that first! If you want to suggest a pairing, please note I might not have seen, read or even heard of most books, movies, shows and animes. So ask me if I know of it first before suggesting a pairing. Also please understand that not all of these will be written or if they are they might not be the same as the samples because while on my phone I am limited at the range that I normally type and having to constantly scroll back up is a pain in the tail feathers! I will still post Light in the Dark and I might make Tickle into a series. But no promises for now!

Loki x Harry ver. 1 Pt 1

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Death is...
by Mother0fMischief