Benefits with Bucky...
By CharmianFantasia
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"Is that what we are? Friends with benefits" I pause. "I guess, unless you want to stop all this and go back to being well, acquaintances I guess" We were never exactly friends before this. "No" He answered quickly. "Friends with benefits is cool... So does that mean we also do things friends would do?" I raise an eyebrow at him as I eat a spoon of my cereal. "Like hang out and stuff" I shrug. "It's that's what you want" "... do you want to?" "Sure! Seems fun" I grin trying not to freak out. Calm down dude, you only said you'd be friends! "So when do we have sex?" I spit my cereal out. -------------------------------------------------- Rouge never talked to Bucky properly until one night at a party where he played knight in shiny armour. Well to be exact she hadn't talked, they had shouted and things got... a little steamy. From nothing to something. What will become of their secret little playtimes? #1 in bucky #1 in thorodinson #1 in jamesbucananbarnes #1 in avengers #1 in buckybarnes #1 in tonystark #1 in marvel #1 in clintbarton (i'd like to mention i still haven't bothered to edit it so spelling mistakes will be there, sorry. also don't read if you're easily offended i really cba with the negativity go cry somewhere else)

1)The Party

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by CharmianFantasia