Wings of Valor - Di...
By PatataFea
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Ever wonder what happens to our heroes after the story ends? Astraea's life was dedicated only for revenge. The demon hunter lives to aid others in need and prevent her past from happening to someone else. With Diablo gone for the time being and Malthael defeated, she has just become the most dangerous mortal in the Creation. Imperius, the archangel of Valor, hates the nephalem to the core. Every time something reminds him of her, he feels more humiliated and ashamed of himself. Now his brethren believe that he needs to learn more about the half-demon-half-angel or the nephalem. Can the two even remotely get along? A/N: This is a Diablo 3: RoS fan fiction and a work in progress so please be patient with me. I will try to finish the chapter properly before I update each one so that you guys don't have to check back to see little details I add here and there. I have the tendencies to add things and fix a lot ._." But enjoy! Please feel free to drop any comments or suggestions at the end of every chapter x3

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Wings of...
by PatataFea