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"Baba me usse shadi ni kar sakti hu. Me kissi aur se mohabbat karti hu. Baba please samjhe meri baat ko. Me usse bhut pyar karti hu. Uske bina zindagi sochna bhut mushkil h baba." (Baba, I can't marry him. I love someone else. Baba please try to understand it. I love him a lot. I can't imagine my future without him.) Mudassir khan's hearts break at the sight of his daughter. Its not look like his daughter is pleading him, it looks like she is begging him. His daughter standing in front of him with joined hands. tears sliding down. lips trembling. His daughter looks devastated. His mind is in turmoil. He has to choose one from among them, his noor or his yaar. (Friend) Today even Zara's heart too melts seeing her daughter in such a state. "Baba jaan, I love him a lot. The love I have for him will remain in my heart forever." Her eyes showing the truth behind those words. His heart yearns to give in. the thoughts clouded in his mind is stopping him. "Kya vo tumse bhi itni hi mohabbat karta h?" (Does he love you as much as you do? ---- "I love you so much. The love I have for you will remain in my heart forever. This heart only beats for you. You are the home to my soal. You are the most beautiful gift Allah has given me." -Inara Mudassir khan "You are my first love but your first love is someone else. you are the first girl who has taken my heart. The first girl with whom I was deeply in love with. But fate planned someone else for you and me." -Saad Hamza Rao "You have to stop loving me. I can't be with you. I will destroy you. Please try to understand. You deserve someone better than me. please leave." -Zuhair Arsalan khan "I saw him every day falling in love with someone else deeply. I am standing to catch him when he will fall." -Mannat Safiya Read the book to know their journey of life.

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by ZainabAnsari6