Through Shattered G...
By PagesofMoreno
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Suicide. It was a word that held so much power over any individual. A word that tore people apart and bared them for all to see. A word meaning death and heartache. But a word Kaedin Sloane was all too familiar with. After his last attempt, Kaedin's family finally had enough. A psychiatric hospital was a last ditch effort to get Kaedin better. He knew it was a waste of time like everything else his father and step mother tried but he went along with it anyway as he always did. What Kaedin didn't expect to find was an understanding he thought he could never have with another person. Kaedin was never a talker, hated people knowing even the smallest detail about him but with Emery, it was different. Baring his soul for the first time in years, had Kaedin feeling like maybe just maybe life could be worth living. Of course, nothing lasts forever.


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Through S...
by PagesofMoreno