Forever my favorite...
By Teefeh2307
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Grace Ifeoluwa is a Nigeria girl that moved to New York city as a 9th grader ...she's a girl that does not take her studies with levity but definitely not a nerd ..she's sociable meanwhile with her 2 best friends Sam and Natalie she's a wild girl Joey Anderson is the second child of the three children of famous business tycoon Charlie Anderson .. He's handsome , has an athletic body , his hair is one of the most attractive things about him because everything about him is attractive and yes he's cocky and he takes every chance he has to flaunt his fathers wealth He became partner with Grace for the year in their chemistry class "Hi I'm Grace" I say "Hey you can call me the man of your dream" he replied as he tucks his hand into his pocket I rolled my eye at his response cocky uhn how am I going to deal with this idiot for the whole year

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Forever m...
by Teefeh2307