Heartbreak Roommate
By kristentaylor16
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'"Tell me what you want." "You. I want you." He shook his head. "That's not good enough. I want you to tell me, exactly what you want, how you want it, how many times..." His mouth met my sensitive spot underneath my ear again, the spot he knew I couldn't resist. "How hard..." I shivered. "How deep." I almost moaned out in sheer ecstasy from his words alone.' *** Devastated by a scathing betrayal by her ex-fiancé and former best friend, Lydia Montgomery is forced to leave her home to move in with her brother and his roommate to get back on her feet. All of her plans, however, are about to be de-railed when division 1 football player and her brother's former roommate comes home after an injury to take his room back, leaving Lydia with seemingly no other option than to move out. When her brother forces Emmett, the bad-boy football quarterback, to take the smallest room in the house and declares a no-dating rule for his sister and the roommates, Emmett decides that he is going to show all of them that he doesn't follow any of the rules and sets out to seduce Lydia to get his room back once and for all. But what happens when traumatic emotions and the heartbreaking past come to light, showing all of them just how broken both Lydia and Emmett are, and can they overcome their budding romantic entanglements to be just roommates, or will their sexual attraction for each other ruin everything? *Strong sexual content and some triggering scenes* Part 1 in progress, part 2 coming October 2020

Heartbreak Roommate

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by kristentaylor16