Give In To The Bloo...
By Nopalope24
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This tells an unlikely story of a certain man with an unremarkable life. Until he is miraculously, maybe more accidentally chosen to become the new host of a new sub-species of monsters. Human monsters, or liminals, as they'd prefer. Unknowingly, he captures the heart of a bloodthirsty leech girl, Lena. She succumbs to Y/N in a single bite. Y/N is hesitant, but he agrees on taking care of her for as long as necessary. But there was no way to warn him of the brand-new harem that's to come. Behold my second story/fanfic/guilty pleasure. If you ever thought my kinks couldn't ascend higher from a house of serial killers, you'd be gravely mistaken. I've always wanted a story such as this, having the reader become a host to some voluptuous parasitic women, the literal kind, NOT the real kind. (This fanfic is based off the fanservice anime Monster Musume.) I mean, who wouldn't want to get hot and steamy with a monster lady that S U C C S blood? Parry that, you filthy casual. (This art is amazing, which means it doesn't belong to me)

Part One: First Come, First Serve

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Give In T...
by Nopalope24