Golden Hour Of You...
By kkatie0
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Sheyanne Shaw hates nothing more than she hates her hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona. Except maybe, being forced to return to it. After escaping her estranged relationship with her father for years, hating every single speck of dusk of her town, after three years and her fathers decline, she's forced to return to help him sort out the house. But she's not just greeted by him. Liam Landon never thought he'd step foot in a town like Flagstaff. He loves the city of Vegas, where he was born and raised and cares for his family. But when an old man, Mr. Shaw, reaches out to him, as the best financial advisor that google found, Liam can't pass up the money. To support himself, his lifestyle, and his grandparents. While traveling for the job isn't unheard of, it's a little different to be expected to say for three months, but Liam is all ears. Until he meets the absolute spitfire of a daughter that gives him nothing but trouble. Mr. Shaw has no qualms of forcing the two into their respective roles as his health declines. And the two are forced to work together even when they don't want to. And in a small town with hidden demons, there aren't many places to hide.


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Golden Ho...
by kkatie0