Her Emotions, His H...
By anywhorelifesuck
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Amazon indigo doesn't remember anything expect for the past five years. All she knows is what she's been told. That she was an orphan that the Russian mafia raised and protected as their own since she was a baby, along with four others. But the problem is... Amazon doesn't feel anything. Literally. She feels no emotions, and in her line of work that's a good thing. Amazon is a femme fatale that works with the four other orphans as a group of master criminals that does jobs for their family, the Russian mafia. So what happens when Amazon and her group is sent to infiltrate the Italian mafia and get information that could knock down the Italian empire and make the Russian mafia rise? But will the gorgeous, beautiful, Don of the Italian mafia not only catch Amazon's attention but make her feel something she's never felt before?

Chapter 1 - The Mission

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Her Emoti...
by anywhorelifesuck