In the Eye of the B...
By ajinkyagoyal
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Stories pulled from the darkest and most twisted recesses of the mind. They certainly have no business existing in the realm of reality, but the forbidden fruit has always been a tempting mistress. Here are just a few of the fruits you will taste. ~ Consider if you will, the thoughts of James Augustus McCoy as he goes airborne in a helm of metal, held together by nothing more than nuts and bolts, and is rocketed to well over twenty thousand feet in the sky. His thoughts tread the razor edge between the possibility that it's merely James's psyche feeling especially cruel, or that what he thinks he sees hanging off the edge of the plane is real. ~ Corden chances upon a little girl during his travels who warns him of the Vânător, a being that prowls the dark recesses of the forest come nightfall. Naturally, he brushes this off as local superstition and continues on into the forest, heading for the next town. But night is coming and all superstitions have an origin... ~ Aditya Singh is killed. Shot by his own driver, with his husband taken as collateral. But matters don't end there. He wakes up again and again, reliving his pain, his death, through the eyes of someone else associated with his murder. ~ Humans are plucked from their homes and reprogrammed to be killers operating at the discretion of their handlers and the manilla folders that hit their desks. One killer is sent to her home, tasked with taking care of her own husband and child. But instinct is a unique thing and the brain a powerful force. ~ Children have overactive imaginations. They see things that aren't there, hear noises that have no source. But sometimes, they're right. Don't look out on the highway at night.

Airborne Nightmare

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In the Ey...
by ajinkyagoyal