Crazy Maid and the...
By SupremoASM
  • Romance
  • amnesia
  • bestfriend
  • billionaire
  • comedy
  • maid
  • romance
  • wattyawards


Maria needed enough money to be able to treat her sick mother, so she quickly agreed to become a housekeeper in the subdivision where her friend worked. What she didn't realize was that she would fall for a handsome, rugged, yet kind boss named Ryan Joseph Bonagua. Whenever she sees it, she cannot stop herself from being thrilled, especially and it seems that destiny always makes way for her to get closer to it. Especially when the day came when he needed her help. Ryan wants Maria to pretend to be his perfect fiancée just to drive away an obsessed and stalker girl, as if she's still trying to save him! So there was no doubt that she agreed to Ryan's wish to save him! Hey Ryan is that right? Can this be love for her? Is there any hope that all their pretensions will come true? Book cover made by: Mary Mel Sicat💖

Crazy Maid and the Billionaire

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Crazy Mai...
by SupremoASM