The Bunny loves to...
By SaltyGrimmReaper
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🐰🐰🐰 (Y/n) (L/n) is a smug and troublesome little bastard but he's flirtatious to no end and teases to his heart's content. (Y/n) was born with a peculiar quirk that gave him very interesting features. His quirk was called "Divine Attraction". He was able to attract others easily by his looks or personality and get them under his control. It was almost like he was a male version of Aphrodite. This quirk gave him minor features of a bunny, long ears that were perked up on his head and a cute fluffy tail. This quirk also makes him look VERY feminine, he pretty much has an hourglass shape that most women would probably kill for and men would drool over. His uncle, Aizawa, thought it'd be "wonderful" if he attended UA to become a hero. (Y/n) is the least bit interested, but decided to do it for his older brother who's rooting for him to be better then him and their parents. And (Y/n)'s first time in Musutafu, dirty old men have the audacity to try to grope him! But don't worry, (Y/n) is heavily influenced in combat, he's not a weak bitch. What (Y/n) didn't know was that he just caught a cinnamon roll's attention and that same cinnamon roll would be in his class, which (oddly enough) sparks his attention to go through with the hero course. It's fun to tease Midoriya more then the others, but (Y/n) finds himself genuinely...liking the dorky greenette. But sometimes things can get into the way of having a somewhat normal life. And that's stressful as hell when you have to overcome it. 🐰🐰🐰 Seme!Midoriya x Uke!Reader Cover's graphic design by: me Started: 5/20/20 Finished:??? Edited:??? WARNING! Uraraka is going to be a bit of a jealous bitch. If you love her dearly, then I'm sorry. But please don't attack me about the OOCNESS I DO NOT OWN BNHA OR IMAGES (credit towards artists) ! I ONLY OWN THE PLOT AND MY OC JACKAL! This is my first Xreader story! Please give me a chance everyone😣

Chapter 1🐰 Feisty Bunny

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The Bunny...
by SaltyGrimmReaper