Helping Love Rival
By _stxrshipss
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One day when Juvia was at Fairy Hills, she thought of a brilliant idea. Her idea was to find someone (except Gray) for her Love Rival (Lucy.) Juvia asks Mira for the possible candidates for Lucy. And Mira says Natsu is the best person for Lucy. Juvia thought about that pairing and soon came to a conclusion that it was quite compatible. Lucy did had feelings for Natsu since the beginning but never confessed because she was scared to be rejected. Juvia sets up dates for Lucy and Natsu and asked Mira to help as she was the She-Devil Matchmaker. And because of her effort to help her Love Rival, she stopped stalking Gray temporarily. Because of this, Gray missed Juvia and soon started to realise his feelings towards Juvia. So with the help of Mira, can both NaLu and Gruvia be canon? Read to find out! Disclaimer- I don't own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. But if I did, NaLu would be canon.

Chapter ❶- The idea

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Helping L...
by _stxrshipss