One Piece x Reader
By Erza0019
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(Y/n), is your average, beautiful student, except one thing. She was gifted with magic. Not unusual in her world, but also not common. Where she lived, people who were born with magic, were blessed with familiars, little pets and loyal companion which did whatever their master wanted. No familiar was the same and each one was ranked at a different level basked of their strength. Because there were people with magic, there were also schools for magic. Two being the most popular, one was the Navy Academy for the diligent, and studious kids who want to work for the law force, and then there was One Piece Academy. The complete opposite, and a school which only accepted people who had criminal records. I bet you can guess which one (y/n) ends up going to and the crazy adventures that lie ahead for her. *i don't own one piece or the images I use*

Chapter 1

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One Piece...
by Erza0019