A Love Addiction
By WannaBe__
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The lovely crew of "Addicted to his Love" is back and better than ever, but now people have grown up and their lives are bigger and better. #2 Shanie and Devin Knight are back and better, now together for eighteen years, they've been through many trials and tribulations but they can honestly say that there lives haven't been happier than they are as a married couple. But when one secret is revealed from the past, will everything change? And will there twenty year marriage be one for the history books? After losing the love of her life, Gold felt as if she would never move on and be happy again. But eighteen years later, she is exactly everything that she wanted, happy and married. She has been together with her husband, Smith for nine years and she couldn't see herself with anyone else. Not only were they married but she felt like they were perfect for each other. But when her husband ask her for something she can't help but think of the past and everything she lost her. Leaving her asking one thing: What do I say?


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