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Rankings ✔ #6 breathtaking #6 Yoruba #2 projectnaija #6 igbo Jordan was sitting on the large chair in front of the dresser with a dark demeanor. His eyes burned like hot ambers in the flame of fury. Shredded pieces of glass were lying on the floor from the foot of the chair to a reasonable distance. Jordan?" I called him with a confused expression. I tried to get a glimpse of his emotion but I couldn't. His fists were clenched . "April you claim you love me " he said through gritted teeth. My heart sank. His words pierced my heart like a burning coal. I didn't claim to love him, I definitely do and I have confessed it to him umpteenth times. I will still do it. "Yes, I do" I answered with confidence, my throat felt dry and I swallowed hard. "Walk up to me on bare feet" his voice was cold and devoid of any remorse. I stared at him beyond shocked and I starred at the pieces of glass waiting to pierce my feet. I sighed deeply. If walking on this shredded pieces of glass will prove my love for Jordan, I'll definitely do it. I removed my slippers and............. ********** ~°~ *********** April beacroft, eighteen year old teenage girl, strong and fearless had a fulfilled life with her brother (Adrian) and father ( Darren Beacroft) but her life changes after wards. She has to marry Jordan Scott to save her family. Jordan Scott one of the most powerful man in Lagos, wealthy but broken in his own dark world. He proposes to marry April Beacroft but still doesn't understand why he choose to because he doesn't have a heart to love. Will April be able to discover his dark secrets? Would he ever reciprocate her love? Find out! in this mind blowing series✨✔ ...................................................... Love is a feeling you have when you are with the right person Most times it hurts deeply

Authors Note.

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by Angel_A23