The Ring of Indiscr...
By ShubhamKumar917
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In the eighteenth century, a genie gave a certain Sultan a magic ring which, when rubbed, would force a woman's private parts to speak, and to confess all their indiscretions. In the end, the Sultan's misuse of the ring led the genie to take it back. Two hundred years later, in Mumbai- just the other day, in fact the same genie gave the ring to a good woman named Vanya, and told her that it worked just as well on men...... . . . . . [The paragraph written above was a prompt from TIMES OF INDIA two months ago. Since now TOI's copyright has been removed, I have posted it here. I hope you all enjoy this story, if yes, do vote for it. Thank You 💕] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One last thing....... I wasn't supposed to make the story pornographic {restriction by TOI} so don't expect anything like that because of the 'description'

The Ring of Indiscretions

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The Ring...
by ShubhamKumar917