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By itzdeviva
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Darrell after the death of his parents when he was just 8, was taken away from Monaserus for his safety by his uncle Jack. Jack teleported him to Los Angeles to live in an orphanage home, where Darrell was until he was brought back to Monaserus. Darrell has the destiny to fulfill which is to safe Monaserus from the claws of the evilly determined Norma Elspeth, who also is the killer of Darrell's parents. Darrell has to save Monaserus and also avenge his parents' death. How far will Darrell go? And do you think he will be able to defeat Norma Elspeth? Alyssa in the search of her true identity falls in love with Darrell and their encounter awakens the secrets of the magical land of Monaserus. It's all about adventure, magic, love, and passion. check it out and awaken your soul to the magical mole.:) _________________**________________ This story is still under editing so in case you bump into confusing words just bear with me but if I case u find anything good enough to improve my story don't hesitate to let me know. I always try to make updates on this story so follow me so you won't miss a thing. Love you guys. 😘❣️

Episode One

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by itzdeviva