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By Sunlene
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novĀ·ice in love a person new to or inexperienced in love Ellie Moon is a sophomore in college and she already has enough things on her plate to worry about. She is busy with her classes, finding internships, and preparing for life after graduation all while handling the pressures placed by her family. She agrees that meet-cutes and the cliches are sweet and all but the last thing she needs is to be entangled in drama and getting into a relationship. Yet, since when has life been predictable? What started out as a simple tutoring gig with a mysterious guy becomes so much more when a cheating scandal breaks out on campus. Many fingers point at him to be the culprit but he neither confirms or denies it. As they continue to spend more time together, she wants to trust him and even begins to feel things she never felt before, but can she trust what she is feeling as a novice like herself? Join Ellie as she navigates the mess called her life and realizes complications of romance and love.


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Novice in...
by Sunlene