For Ellie (Nomin Ve...
By littleLion4321
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Jeno was standing in the corner of the cabin. I was just pressing him to the wall, our fingers gliding down and up our chests, faces, sides, backs, thighs. The way he had taken me on my bed almost an hour ago was as if a tornado has crossed my inner house. Jeno was the most passionate lover I have ever had, the most skilled lover, the most precious in a way. His palm rested on my cheek, his eyes carried some nostalgia when he bent his head to the side watching me. "I can't believe you will be gone in a week and three days." His palm trembled. "You can come with me." I leaned in to catch his lips in mine. "I can't. Ellie needs me." I let go of his lips watching his trained chest rather than his face. "So let's cherish what we have here even more." "Jaemin!" "What?" "Are those really your words?" Jeno looked at me seriously. "Yes, why?" I asked buffed. "So why are you ready to destroy The Lagoon?" Two men meet in The Lagoon, a reckless billionaire fixed on fulfilling his grandfather's dream about reaching another universe and a complete life wreck who would do anything to save his dying daughter. One wants to destroy world's most precious ecosystem to launch a spaceship, the other is out there willing to protect mysterious Blue Birds. With the clock ticking can both find a way to each other, especially as it's either the future of humanity or Ellie's life at stake. Warning: This story contains mentions of cancer that might be triggering for some readers.


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For Ellie...
by littleLion4321