Sea Breeze: JJxOC (...
By O_my_fangirl
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I'm obsessed with Outer Banks to the point where it's no longer healthy. (I'm gonna publish everything and then go back and edit it. Sorry if there are spelling and grammar issues). JJ's Pov: "I know what I'm gonna do," I piped up. "I'm gonna get a big ass house on Figue Eight and go full Kook with Gina." "You're gonna go full Kook?" Pope asked me skeptically. "Yep," I nodded. "I'm gonna get a marble statue of myself, and then I'm gonna get a koi pond. Oh, and a swimming pool so I can see Gina in a bikini all the time." She laughed and smacked my arm. "You're so wierd." "What would you do, Gina?" Kie asked the girl in my arms. "Not what JJ wants, but what you want." It looked like she was thinking for a moment. "Take a trip around the world. Settle down in a big house somewhere and make even more money writing books." I looked down at her and felt a little sad. It wasn't that I didn't want her to have dreams, but I just didn't realize how badly she wanted to leave the Outer Banks. I wondered if she just wanted to leave me. I couldn't blame her if that was the case; I was a total scew up and she was way out of my league. I just felt like she was the only one for me and if she didn't want me then I'd be forever alone. "What are you gonna do, JB?" Pope asked, pulling me out of my thoughts of self loathing. John B looked up at us for the first time since we had come outside. "To going full Kook." "To going full Kook," we all raised our beers and laughed. "Hey," Gina whispered in my ear. "You want to spend the night at my place tonight?" I pictured myself hovering over her on her bed. She moaned as I kissed her neck and started to take off her shirt. I blinked rapidly, coming back to reality, "Yeah sure." It's not gonna happen, you're just friends! She doesn't like you that way. Disclaimer: I don't own the story line, that belongs to Netflix and the writers of Outer Banks.

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Sea Breez...
by O_my_fangirl