To Build a Home
By MiloBodin
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Ryan Baker left New York City to care for his two-year-old nephew, but renovating homes with his brother's hunky best friend in their small Pennsylvania town wasn't part of the plan. Neither was falling in love. ***** When a devastating accident leaves his nephew parentless, 26-year-old Ryan doesn't hesitate to abandon his unsuccessful art career in New York to travel 300 miles to Windber, Pennsylvania. But once he arrives, Ryan quickly realizes he's in over his head. He doesn't know how to change a diaper, take care of a two-story house, or deal with his dead brother's face plastered on signs advertising his home renovation business all over town. The one saving grace is his brother's business partner. Unlike Ryan, Darren Reynolds is a pro at bath time and knows exactly how to soothe the baby. Ryan had always looked up to him, even as kids, the quiet jock with a gentle smile. But suddenly they're living and parenting together. All of Ryan's teenage fantasies come rushing back and Ryan must decide if he wants to renovate his life for a straight guy.

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To Build...
by MiloBodin