World of the Elites...
By NerdyIrel
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MATURED CONTENT (R-18) Growing up, all Caylee ever wanted is to win the Annual Elite Game, a competition among the young ultra-wealthy elites in the Philippines but she starts losing focus when her number one rival, Zin, begins to flirt with her. What if, all of a sudden, winning is no longer important to her, but their relationship and their future? *** 2021 WATTYS AWARDS SHORTLIST WATTPAD ROMANCE PH - CRAZY RICH LOVE & FEATURED STORY WATTPAD ROMANCE APPROVED - NEW ADULT RL PUBLISHED UNDER IMMAC PPH 2023 Born in a world where riches and fame matter, Cayanne Leigh Grimshaw pretty much has it all, except for one thing: The number one spot. Being competitive that she is, she's determined to do everything she can to beat her rivalry---the only guy from their social circle who can't be tamed; Kenji Zin Romero. The problem is, Zin also loves the spotlight. He loves being at the top. And it's not in his vocabulary to lose and give up easily. Guess it won't be an easy fight for the two of them. *** Elite Girls #1 - Caylee & Zin "If losing is the only way for me to make you happy, then I will no longer fight. I'll drop my hands and surrender." *** Story Language: Taglish.

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World of...
by NerdyIrel