Beyond closed doors
By calypso__xxp
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Tabloids and gossip are a really fun way to pass time..... well if you're not at the receiving end. they're all fun and Games until you're the next victim. - - - - ArewaTea: Spoilt brat turned sugar baby. Aisha Shema a daughter of a very privileged family was rumored to have gotten pregnant and soon after married off to her sugar daddy and fathers best friend a statesman popularly known as Hashim Hakim. The more I go through these articles my eyes slowly fog up. All it takes is one tear to fall for the dam to break once again. Read the story of young Aisha Shema as she copes with the trials and tribulations life deals her. Will she crash and burn!? Or Rise to the challenge! Read to find out what happens beyond closed doors ........ Disclaimer: please note that this isn't actually a New York Times bestseller. It has been done for entertainment purposes 😄


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Beyond cl...
by calypso__xxp