Just This Much
By synnicals
  • Fantasy
  • angst
  • celebrity
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • fate
  • idol
  • kpop
  • paralleluniverse
  • romance
  • time
  • triggering


What could be worse than a dating scandal? A dating scandal with the wrong person and solid evidences. - Lilac Ayutthaya had it all--fame, success, supportive family and friends, and to top it all off, she even was able to go against the odds and got the perfect boyfriend. For a globally known KPop idol, that is considered a rare feat, especially if the guy is in the same industry. Ahn Ki-Ryeong, her equally successful boyfriend, who is also leading KPop to the international scene. He has the looks, he is hella good at his job, he was able to get into the good graces of her parents, and of course, he makes sure she always feels loved and cherished. Their nearing three-year secret relationship has been going well, despite the busy schedules and the threat of the fans and the media finding out. But one mistake which eventually lead to a nasty scandal destroyed everything. Lilac lost the best thing that happened to her life and without knowing, she also lost herself. But Kio will do anything to find her again, and pay for everything he had done just to get her back. - WARNING: Contains flawed characters who will make you very frustrated. If you want a perfectly-written lead couple who never commits grave mistakes, then this book is not for you. © 2020 SYNN™

Just This Much

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Just This...
by synnicals