The Art Of Two Soul...
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{ A Wattpad featured novel } A rom-com about a wealthy, arrogant boy with a heartbreaking secret, and a devilish, hot-headed girl determined to figure out if it's worth solving. TRIGGER WARNINGS- Physical assault, drug usage, swearing, and cheating. *** Elliot Silas is short-tempered, infuriating, and downright hilarious. Her personality isn't welcomed into society, and because of this life has shunned her into being a social outcast. It has caused a few problems in her life...such as getting a boy to like her back. She is always judged by appearance much too quickly, and therefore finds herself sulking around her room wondering why the bloody hell no boy gives her a second glance. Alexander Maxwell doesn't believe in fairytale endings. Having each and every single detail of his future already planned out for him, he finds that it is very difficult to make his own decisions without disappointing his parents. His lifestyle has always been set into perfection, and he forces out any thoughts that dare to proclaim otherwise. Choosing to turn to snarky remarks and a wicked, sarcastic attitude as his method to cope, he is a certainly a temper to be tested with. But Elliot is no stranger to fire, and Alex is the definition of heat. The two are paired together in a major project in Social Studies, resulting in them needing to spend time with each other. Secrets slowly start to unravel, and their enigmatic banter morphs into something smoldering, ripping at the seams of everything they had assumed to be under control. Everything. Fire burns, after all. And Elliot might not emerge unscathed. STAND-ALONE NOVEL -Lovely Awards: Runner Up for Chicklit -6/17/21; featured on Wattpad Outreach's #hiddengems under 5K reads! -6/26/21; featured on Arden Hall's - @yabookprincess -'Weekly Favorites' reading list! -7/1/21; featured on @StoriesUndiscovered 's 'The Power Of Laughter' reading list


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The Art O...
by -encouragehappy-