Just Over NY - [Het...
By AmericaAteMyUsername
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[Please read Just Below 0 first if you haven't yet! You'll understand this so much better, I promise. >w0] You've been in New York for six months now, time passing so painfully slow as your deranged uncle Allen keeps you held in the city despite your attempts to leave. All you can do is plot your plans to get back to Canada and survive the school Allen enrolled you in. But with Matt dead, or at least assumed dead, you have no home in Manitoba anymore. Can you get past your unfortunate history and escape... but where can you hide from someone who knows your every move? • My information is looked into! Times and locations are as accurate as an American can get them... with Google. XD But seriously, I try very hard. Thank you for reading!!

Chapter 1: Life is a Metaphor

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Just Over...
by AmericaAteMyUsername