A Premeditated Deal...
By saltysenpais
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Sasaki Corp was one of the biggest conglomerates originating in Japan, the responsibilities of which had to soon delegated since their beloved chairman Sasaki Sato was terribly sick, his wife had passed sometime after their only child was born. He commited a heinous blunder well before his time came. The burden of his one hasty mistake fell heavily on his precious daughter who was still in junior high school. ----- "Sayuri... we need to talk" her father said as she hesitantly eyed at the three noble strangers sitting in her living room. Amongst the three was a boy of her age who looked as loomy as the clouds on a stormy evening. She politely greeted the strangers, completely unaware of the fact that her world would shatter before her very eyes a few minutes later. "This is my dear friend Sakusa Kazuki and his family, I'm not sure if you remember them you were quite young back then" he warmly smiled at her. She was very confused but managed to smile at them like the well behaved daughter she was. "And that is Sakusa Kiyoomi" his tone changed a little "Your fiancé from this very day" If only things couldn't get any worse for her, he already had a girlfriend he loved. He despised Sayuri from the very moment her father said that. He despised her as much as he despised germs and crowds. She waltzed into his life one sunny morning and stole his freedom in an instant. Nobody of their age had the courage to overpower Sakusa Kiyoomi and the very abrupt announcement suffocated his lungs as he venomously glared at her. I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS, THE ART OR THE PICTURES. CREDITS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATORS. If you see something that belongs to you or to someone you know please let me know so I can credit them. Thank you so much ♥️♥️ Coverart by @1L9l2Aa8UCL0IGJ on Twitter


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A Premedi...
by saltysenpais