Bear and Haisley |...
By FaolanWolfe
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Bear is the President of The Wolves Haisley is a small-town waitress Bear lives for his MC Haisley is barely living for herself ~ Can he finally let his guard down and love or will he push her away and drink away the loneliness he feels deep within for the rest of his life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{Favorite Comments}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ • "Love love love!!! 😍😍" -RoseAlthea90 • "I love how she has a child it might not be hers but I love how there's a baby idk but it's just nice seeing a difference in these biker stories" -_lonlyreading_ 📌Highest Ranking #1 series #1 cliche #1 waitress #1 badboygoodgirl #1 club #1 caring #2 mc #2 newhome #3 fallinginlove #5 strength #7 struggle #9 firststory 🐺The Wolves Series🐺 • Bear and Haisley ✔️ • Ink and Sydney ✔️ • Agony and Fawn • Coyote and Meadow • Chains and Divine • Myth and Oceana • Manic and Olive • Dagger and Hope • Crash and Sage • Tank and Adalee • Knuckles and Willow • K-9 and Aurora • {The last book will be a surprise} (All of theses books can be read as a stand-alone) Started: August, 2020 Finished: September, 2020 *The pictures used in this story do not belong to me/Credit to the rightful owners *This is the first story I've published and I'm sure it needs a lot of work but its a learning process *Character pictures: Audreyanamichella, Peaceoot, and HopeandSalt

Chapter 1

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Bear and...
by FaolanWolfe