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*Requests are still open, and will be noted down(along with the present profile name) to be written later, but writing is put on a hiatus for now, since writing on a phone sucks. A place for me to write away my ideas. Like, seriously - 80% of my day consists of daydreaming fantasy works. 💮Completed Oneshots: 6; Current Requests: 2; Last time worked on: 12/19/20 🚫 I do not promote self-harm, suicide, hate/harassment, abuse, alcohol/drugs, or violence. ⚠Warnings Include(But Not Limited to)⚠ 🔹Cursing/Cussing 🔹LGBTQ+ 🔹Out of Character(OOC) Fandoms - ❇Harry Potter ❇SCP ❇Creepypasta ❇(Insert)humans ((Countryhumans, apphumans, statehumans, etc.)) ❇Percy Jackson and the Olympians ❇Dead by Daylight ❇Undertale ❇Coroika(Splatoon Manga) ❇My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia ❇Bendy and Boris: The Quest for the Ink Machine. ❇Casino Cups ❇Five Nights at Freddy's ❇Eragon(The Inheritance Cycle) ❇Jurassic ((World, Park, etc.)) ❇Among Us ❇Henry Stickmin Series ❇Ranger's Apprentice ❇Crossovers ❇OC(s) - With the creator(s)'s permission, of course. 6/13/20 - ???

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Various F...
by Pytho14