The longest wait (a...
By Delena4life13
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This story takes place 2 years after the season 2 finale. After Elena kissed Damon, Damon automatically expected them to be together, but Elena who was newly single and feeling extremely guilty about kissing Damon while she was still with Stefan wasn't ready to be with Damon. To get away from Mystic Falls she used collage in California as a fall back. Only three months in she met Nate. A handsome, intelligent swimmer who didn't have the last name Salvatore. With Elena away and happy with a new man Damon decides that he needs to find a distraction. Ashley was a perfectly good distraction until Damon actually developed feelings for her. What happens when Damon and Elena meet each other's new half on Elena's spring break home from collage? Both of them have unresolved feelings for each other, will their love life's last or will the undeniable tension between them ruin each other's young relationships? Many events over the break place Damon and Elena together in awkward situations where they are forced to share their opinions on what happened the night Stefan left. At the end end of each chapter you'll be begging me to have them kiss. But the book is called the longest wait for a reason ;) Enjoy

A not so welcoming welcome home

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The longe...
by Delena4life13