The Last Survivor:...
By GASTLY42957
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*static before a prerecorded message start* "Is this thing on?" *background noises* "Alright. My name is Y/n L/n, the last human left alive...I think. The year is 11945. It's been...I don't know anymore. It's been to long since I've seen anyone else so I lost track of the days. But I've survived for much longer than anyone else, for three reason. The first is my companion, Steel. He's a robot wolf i built from salvaged parts. The second is I've put together an exosuit that improved both my me combat ability and survivability. The third is I've made several...adjustments to my body, masking me from the sensors of my enemies. But I must know, If anyone else is out there my coordinates ar- *background barking* "Steel, stop barking, I'm trying to record a message for anyone survivors!" *more barking* "Wait, they found us?!" *background noises as supplies is being picked up and put somewhere* "Steel! Distract them for a minute! Then meet me-!" *static*


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The Last...
by GASTLY42957