Always With You - A...
By harlovv
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"Unconditional love is hard to find. But I was lucky to have found it in Bowie." Bowie Aston and River Wilson have been best friends since they were kids. With River's dad blaming him for his mother's death since he was four years old, River had to endure the pain his father caused for years. Until he met Bowie and became part of her family. Her parents supported him, knowing his childhood wasn't easy. They offered him shelter, no matter what he went through. Bowie and River have always been close. Cuddling and sleeping in the same bed most nights was turned into a habit, and they promised each other to never cross that thin line between friends and lovers. They both knew it would only ruin the strong bond between them if they ever crossed it. After ten years of friendship, they both attend the same college, and even at eighteen and twenty years old, they keep their lust and needs to themselves, not wanting to wreck their special friendship. But how long can they go on without opening up about their feelings, when it's clear that they're both trying to suppress them toward each other? This story contains detailed writing when it comes to kissing, and touching. (Warning to the more sensitive readers)


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Always Wi...
by harlovv