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[#1 in #bangchan] 08.01 [#1 in #straykids] 08.02 beck and jae flopped onto their bed, opening up their laptop. "CHAN IS LIVE JAE CLICK ON IT CLICK ON IT!" beck screamed, repeatedly hitting jae's arm. she paused and swatted beck's arm away. "hit me one more time beck, see what happens." chan's smiling face came onto the screen "hi stay! how are you guys?" through tons of smiles and laughter they reached the end of the broadcast. "jae jae, comment something!" beck pestered. she sighed and began to type the comment. 'chan i LOVE YOU. ill forever be your babygirl ;) @chansbabygirl" the two girls burst into laughter at jae's cringey comment, but they were interrupted by the australian man on the other side of the screen. "if you guys are my babygirls..does that mean i'm your daddy?" jae sat in shock, eyes wide. she turned to her best friend who returned the same look of fear. after about 15 seconds, jae began to scream, jumping off the bed and onto the floor. "WHATTHEFUCK!!?? WHATTHEFUCK?!??" beck began to fangirl with her, they screamed so much they didn't realize the broadcast had ended. jae's phone was blowing up with instagram notifications, multiple people were DMing her and following her. "what did i DO BECK?" - *inspired by 'snapchat|han jisung' by unbiasedlex!'*


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