The dragon mate sag...
By nigerialand
  • Werewolf
  • danger
  • dragon
  • mate
  • pack
  • romance
  • strong
  • werewolves


In the Dragon Realm trouble looms, people are being kidnapped by a mysterious person for their Dragon spirit. The Royal family is on edge and are forced to send their last daughter Fiona to the human Realm to investigate. Fiona is hyped to finally do something great for her kingdom but what she does not expect is finding out that werewolves exist and she is the mate of the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the United States. Alpha Mikhail the perfect definition of handsome,deadly and brutal, the most feared Alpha out there, the only thing missing is his mate whom happens to be Fiona the strange human girl or so he thought. what happens when those lingering in the dark are after him and his mate's destruction and his mate is not opening up about the secrets she has? Will Fiona reveal her true form to him? Will Mikhail be able to accept and protect her? Will they have their happy ending? or Will the unknown darkness consume them in this war for power? Read to find out.


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The drago...
by nigerialand