Beautiful Monsters
By AllisonFischer
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Rhea Elizabeth Vaughn has known one thing all her life. There is a monster inside her, waiting to be let out. And the only life a monster deserves, is one of pain. At least that's what she tells herself is the reason for her painful life. After a final tragedy threatens to break her heart and soul in the winter of 845, Rhea abandons her humanity and embraces her inner monster. She escapes over the wall and into Titan country, where she is determined to remain until her sure to be violent death. Until a chance encounter 4 years later with Captain Levi Ackerman forces her to make a choice. Escape again, outside of wall Maria where the scouts can no longer reach her? Or return with Captain Levi to the walls, use her strength for the greater good, and cage the monster once more. Can Rhea allow herself the hope of redemption for her past sins? And maybe something...more?

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by AllisonFischer